Ideal Father's Day gifts for your gadget-mad Dad!

Have you decided what you're getting your Dad this Father's Day (Sunday, 19th June in UK, Ireland, US and many other countries)? If you'd like to find a memorable alternative to socks, then you've come to the right place.

Here at OpenLX, we're passionate about quality and simplicity by design and we have a range of fun and easy-to-use devices, which make ideal and inexpensive gifts for gadget-loving Dads this Father's Day. From CodeBug, which is aimed at beginners, to PiFace add-ons for Raspberry Pi, which allow makers to take their creativity further, there's something for every tech-loving Dad.


CodeBug is perfect for gadget-mad Dads who like to tinker with new devices or those who have always wanted to learn to code, but never found the time. A small, programmable and wearable device retailing for just £15, CodeBug is aimed at complete beginners and is so easy to use that anyone can complete their first program in just a few minutes. It's not just for beginners, though, as CodeBug can also be used as the “brain” in more complex computing projects.

You can also personalise your CodeBug gift with ease. Simply follow the tutorial on the CodeBug website to create a basic program with your own scrolling message for your Dad. Download the program to your Dad's CodeBug and it will appear the next time the CodeBug is powered up.

PiFace add-ons for Raspberry Pi

Is your Dad a Raspberry Pi enthusiast? Or does he have a Raspberry Pi languishing in a drawer, because he has run out of ideas on where to take it next? Fear not! The PiFace range makes creating with Raspberry Pi as easy as pie!

Are you spoilt for choice thanks to the many PiFace boards available? If so, we recommend PiFace Control and Display 2, as it will allow your Dad to work easily with inputs and outputs and connect things like motors, switches and lights and it is therefore perfect for a wide variety of fun and interesting projects.